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Bake Your Very  Own Mermaid Cupcake Kit!

Just add Egg, Butter, Milk. colouring and flavouring are optional.


 6 Cupcake, colour themed, muffin cases (large cupcake cases).

Homemade Cupcake mix - enough to make 6 cupcakes.

Freashly made Buttercream in a piping bag with nozzle.

Under the sea themed icing shapes and sprinkles.

Cupcake box.


Free Local delivery or Click and Collect

Please order 1 week in advance.

Contrary Kits are freshly made to oder and need to be used within 2 days for best results. Please follow storage instructions for cakes to be used or eaten at a later date.

Mermaid Baking Kit.

Colour choice
  • Cupcake Kits / Cake Kits 

    Kits (apart from the buttercream icing) have a shelf life of 6 months from the day or purchase. 

    Buttercream icing  

    Unrefrigerated -.2 days 

    In Fridge - 2 weeks 

    Frozen - 2 months 

    Baked and decorated Cupcakes – Keep in an airtight container in a cool area away from sunlight. 

    Unrefrigerated – 3 - 4 days 

    In Fridge – Airtight container. 1 week. 

    Freezer – Airtight container. 3 months.  

    Undecorated cupcakes – As decorated Cupcakes 

                                            - Airtight container. Freezer 6 months 

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