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Freshly Made Quite Contrary Belgium Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.

Enough to make 8 delicious large Quite Contrary Cookies; just add butter and an egg!

Comes with easy to follow instructions and presented in a cute bag.

Free local delivery or click and collect.

Please see storage instructions before ordering.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit

  • Please discuss allegens before purchasing.

  • Cookie Kits 

    Baked Cookies – Airtight container.        Unrefrigerated - 1 week 

                               -                                      In Fridge – 2 weeks 

                                                                       Frozen – 6 –8 mths 

    Cookie dough –

    Airtight container Unrefrigerated - 1-2 days (if cool) 

                                                                       Fridge – 2 – 4 days 

                                                                       Frozen - 2 months 


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