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Birthday Bunting Cookie Kit.

Make a lockdown birthday extra special with our birthday bunting kit.

Each kit is supplied with freshly baked cookies all ready to be iced and decorated with the 3 piping bags of royal icing and extra special sprinkles, there are even some edible ballooon strings!

*Contrary Cookie Kits are freshly made and for best results should be used within 2 days of purchase.

If you are unable to do so, please refer to the storage instructions, below.

Please allow at least 1 week's notice from date of order.

Free local delivery available or Click and collect.

Postage is available. But please note only dry ingredients for royal icing will be sent with instructions to make up when needed.


Birthday Bunting Cookie Kit

  •  Baked Cookies – Airtight container.  Unrefrigerated - 1 week 

                               -                                                In Fridge – 2 weeks 

                                                                                 Frozen – 6 –8 mths 

    Decorated cookies – Airtight container    

                                                                      Unrefrigerated - up to 1 week 

                                                                       In fridge – 2 weeks 

                                                                       Frozen – 1 month 

    Cookie dough – Airtight - Unrefrigerated - 1-2 days (if cool) 

                                                                       Fridge – 2 – 4 days 

                                                                       Frozen - 2 months 

    Royal Icing                                        Unrefigerated – 1-2 days (if cool) 

                                                                         In Fridge -  1 –2 weeks 

                                                                         Freezer –  2 months 

  • Our cookies are freshly baked to order, to maintain their freshness they are heat sealed in plastic. If you prefer us not to use plastic, please let us know, we are veryhappy to do this, but please store cookies in an air tight container.

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